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New York City Raw Food Restaurants Updated


newyorkcity_rawfood.jpgThanks to Pam who sent me a list of New York City raw food restaurants that she had compiled.  I have added a couple of new restaurants, based on Pam's list. 

The New York City Raw Food Restaurant Section Now Includes:

* Pure Juice & Takeaway (just down the corner from Pure Food & Wine)

* Health Nuts, Westerly Natural Foods, LifeThyme, and Organic Avenue—all of which sell organic produce and offer a raw food bar and juices/smoothies.

* Sacred Chow, a cooked vegan bistro that offers smoothies, juices and some raw food options.

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February 12, 2008

sarah @ 4:49 pm #

don't forget quintessence!

March 8, 2008

Sam @ 5:07 pm #

Also Bonobo on 18 E 23rd St across from Madison Park

September 16, 2009

Martin @ 8:13 am #

I am planning a visit to New York City but need to be sure that I can find restaurants and juice bars for only raw living foods plus green vegetable and wheatgrass juices that are made on a single or twin auger juicer, not a centrifugal machine. I need this for medical reasons, so I have to be certain about this before I plan to travel. I live in London. Can anyone help and recommend anywhere? Any help is much appreciated!

February 10, 2011

annett @ 11:24 pm #

Hi Martin, did you find a place? I am going to NY next month, and I would love to go to raw place….

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