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Raw Foods, Personal Development, & Steve Pavlina’s New Book


raw food steve pavlinaMany of you are already familiar with Steve Pavlina, a well-known personal development writer and pro-blogger. Steve is now eating a raw foods diet (after experimenting with a 30-day trial), and it’s exciting to see how much publicity Steve has created for raw foods.

Steve recently published his first book, called Personal Development for Smart People, which is well thought-out, organized, and practical.

Over the years, I’ve read a number of personal development books.  Steve’s book has a very spiritual/metaphysical feel to it—more so than other personal development books that I’ve read.  Personal Development for Smart People begins by describing the core principles of personal growth—these are Truth, Love, and Power. Secondary principles are: Authority, Oneness, and Courage.

I especially enjoyed the chapters on Courage, Power, Habits, and Career. Steve’s thoughts on self-discipline (as it relates to personal power) were also very useful. The most practical section of the book was the chapter on habits. I will be applying a number of habits that Steve suggested. I am especially looking forward to running a 30-day experiment on early rising.  To give you a taste of the book, I’ll include a handful of my favorite quotes…

Quotes on Being Honest with Yourself & Your Desires

"Never deny that you want what you want. It’s okay to want something and have no idea how to get it. [But] it’s not okay to pretend that your desires don’t matter."

"Most people are out of touch with their true desires. They allow others to decide what they should want, or they settle for what they think they can get. They buy into socially conditioned nonsense that the purpose of life is to work at a meaningless job for decades, spend themselves into debt, distract themselves with mindless entertainment, get married, have children, retire broke, and then quietly die. Consequently, they live desperate shadow lives, forever powerless and unhappy. Don’t succumb to the illusion of false desire. Only true desire summons power."

Having the Courage to Ask For What You Want

“As adults we often forget that the best way to fulfill our desires is to walk right up to whatever interests us and engage with it directly.”

“When you risk rejection, either you get what you want, or you build some courage. Either way, the outcome is positive.”

Facing Things & Accepting Responsibility

personal developmentMost personal development authors talk about accepting 100% responsibility for your life—and not blaming problems on God, your parents, your environment, or other outside factors.  Steve does a better job than most authors because he fully explains how to take responsibility for your life.  He covers: decision-making in risky situations, handling situations where you lack the ability to change what isn't working, facing your fears, and consciously choosing what to connect with.  Excerpts on this topic include:

"You must accept full responsibility for your life and be willing to make decisions under all circumstances. This includes ambiguous, challenging, and risky situations."

"Whatever you fear, you must eventually face. When you shrink from failure, you only weaken yourself. When you make mistakes and learn from them, you grow stronger."

"Whenever you’re faced with a part of reality you don’t like, and you feel powerless to change it, the first step is to accept the truth of your situation. Say to yourself: This situation is wrong for me, yet I lack the strength to change it right now. Openly admit to yourself that even though you’re stuck with complete responsibility for every area of your life, you may not have the ability to fix what isn’t working at this point. Never pretend to enjoy a job you hate. Never pretend to be happy in an unfulfilling relationship. Never pretend that your finances are strong when they’re really weak. If you want your situation to improve, you must first come clean with yourself and admit the whole truth."

"In the long run, your life becomes a reflection of what you choose to connect with most often."

If you want a practical plan for improving your life (including your health, your finances, your relationships, and your happiness), then I recommend picking-up a copy of Personal Development for Smart People. You’ll be glad you did.

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