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Healthy Restaurants & Raw Food Dining Choices Are Expanding


iStock_000006740086XSmallThe massive growth of raw food restaurants and healthy dining choices is amazing.

Certain mainstream restaurants are beginning to offer special "raw vegan" and "organic vegan" menus.  As more people become aware of how much food affects our health, energy levels, and mood, I expect even more restaurants to adapt to the growing trend for healthy menus.  Instead of McDonald's franchises dotting the landscape, maybe one day we will have healthy restaurants everywhere — restaurants that serve living food, fresh fruit, and local produce.

The newest version of the Raw Food Restaurant Guide includes a number of new international restaurants – in addition to U.S. locations.  There were a few closings, a few address updates, and a lot of new restaurants.  This is the biggest update I've ever completed, and it's incredible to see the growth of raw food.

Thanks to everyone who contributed including: Amanda, Jennifer, Michelle, Kristine, Lenette, Dean, Tammy, Emma, Allison, Julie, Roxane, Eli, Curt, Leigh, Kathleen, Jen, Francesca, Lawrence, John, Bonnie, Tommie, Gunther, Alice, Samara, Tina, Richard, Linda, Michael, Sylvia, Craig, Jason, Kimberly, Lisa, Kim, Tomi, Denise, Claudia, Mireille, Luke, Heidi, Leslie, Eireen, Lillian, Cedric, Ali, Mike, Elaine, Lauren, Bill, Jack, Fred, Meg, Laura Lee, Terrie, Seth, Heather, Diane, Juliene, Carolyn, Lee, Sherri, Todd, Sarah, Rosette, Shelly, Dana, Breelanda, Mariela, Jon, Carol, Eliana, Stefanie, Leah, Eva, Sharon, Hiromi, Zhanna, Rufus, Gaby, Ronnie, Lucy, Tiago, Eleanor, Chana, Hana, Patricia, Shana, Janine, Monika, Josh, Amy, Lori, Alex, Sumana, Alicia, Bianca, Kelly, Colette, Grant, Chad, Schall, Jeni, Andrew, Rob, Rachel, Ron, Adam, Ines, Teri, Wallace, Timothy, Danielle, Randy, Anna, Veronica, Eric, Kalan, Waverly, Jonathan, Theresa, Jai, Robin, Paige, Abel, Luis, Judy, Taryn, Cliselidis, David, Karen, Rob, Jane, Susan, Jean, Lynn, Judith, Wendy, Caroline, Gina, Alvaro, Marie, Sara, Christina, Eric, Tracy, and Lindsay.

Special thanks to: Jassandra for her help in compiling and verifying restaurants.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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November 26, 2009

ananta devi dasi @ 8:41 pm #

Thank you, Emily, for your enthusiasm, I'm new at this, and although I'm very aware of the awesome benefits of a raw food diet, it seems kind of overwhelming (and expensive!) at times. Your positive vibes are helpful.

November 28, 2009

Andrea @ 1:42 am #

Emily, thanks so much again. I get so excited when a new guide comes in and I love checking out the various locations I'm heading to in advance. The most recent one I visited was in Hong Kong, so please know that the International section of your guide is very important to us living outside the US.

November 29, 2009
December 5, 2009

Leslie @ 4:04 am #

What a gorgeous compilation and an incredible amount of work. Thanks so much for this Emily!!!

December 6, 2009
February 6, 2010

James Reno @ 8:14 am #

It is so good to see this healthy trend! We have 5 raw food restaurants in the Chicago area. 2 of them I can walk to. I think this is unusual, but also fortunate compared to many other areas, but hopefully they are catching up so we can all go out and enjoy great, healthy, and organic meals.

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